Special program for specialists in the field of the World of Art

Special programs for specialists in the field of Art

The Organizing Committee is pleased to begin cooperation with specialists in the field of the World of Art -

We invite artists and masters, as well as heads of auction houses, galleries, museums, art critics, journalists, art specialists to the programs of the Russian Art Week.


We suggest you consider the following proposals:


1) Enter the Expert Council / Jury

2) To join the Organizing Committee and propose its vector of development to the project

3) To hold a master class, lecture or creative meeting with exhibitors and guests of the exhibition

3) Take part in the Russian Week of Arts as a participant and guest of honor

4) To become a speaker or listener at the International Conference "Art in Education: Education in Art"

5) It is interesting for us to promote your creativity and offer assistance in organizing your personal exhibitions

6) We are ready to review your suggestions and ideas and offer your opportunities for the implementation of your project


We are confident that our cooperation and partnership will be mutually beneficial both in creative and commercial terms!

Useful sections:

1) Offer your candidacy to the jury
2) Offer a master class
3) Offer a solo exhibition
4) Offer your project for outsourcing
5) Offer your project to partner complicity
6) PR and promotional support is required
7) Take part in the conference
8) Press-release (download WordPDF)