International Curators Forum in Moscow

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Moscow Forum of Curators will be held April 28, 2023 

The event with the participation of leading institutional and independent curators, gallery owners, art managers will trigger the strengthening and development of cultural ties between Russian artists and cultural specialists with colleagues from other countries and regions. The events of the Forum of Curators for different audience: the Symposium is for professionals portfolio review with international curators, for artists, Open studios for everyone.

The mission of the Curatorial forum is to create a platform for discussions, networking and initiating new projects, including international ones.

The forum will help to unite professionals and lovers of contemporary art, to make more visible and accessible artists ' workshops, independent art spaces and galleries. The project is aimed at supporting local initiatives in the field of contemporary art, expanding the audience and involving it in current cultural processes.


fotografii s otkryitiya i master klassaAn important part of the forum of curators is an international Symposium, the main theme of which will be the process of expanding the boundaries of contemporary art and changing the conditions and meanings of the curatorial profession. Curators, art managers and critics work not only in the field of culture: they form new knowledge in various fields and fix the specifics of global and local sociopolitical processes, as well as stimulate social change. The Symposium will be a platform where leading Russian and international curators will meet, choosing non-standard curatorial strategies and working with the problems of education, Economics, legislation, urban planning, migration policy, history and media.

The Symposium will feature curatorial practices that are implemented at the intersection of several disciplines, as well as bring together representatives of various professional and non-professional communities. The Central theme will be new formats and conditions of curatorial practice, dictated by the development of new technologies, the global climate crisis and professional mobility, often associated with changing socio-political conditions, and changing perceptions of artistic and institutional production.

Meetings, lectures and practices

During the forum of Curators professionals and all interested will have the opportunity to visit the Studio of Moscow artists with art mediators, to see where and how art is created, and to get acquainted with a variety of artistic practices.

For two days, this event will unite a large number of Moscow venues engaged in contemporary art. Galleries, exhibition halls and creative spaces will prepare special events for a wide audience.

The following programs will be offered to a wide audience:
а) master classes of artists
b) lectures by the curators
c) exhibitions and performances
d) special programs-tours with art mediators


The Symposium will be held with simultaneous interpretation.