Program of the Exhibition & Art-Fair of the Russian Art Week
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Program of the Exhibition & Art-Fair of the Russian Art Week

Program of the Exhibition & Art-Fair of the Russian Art Week

Additional information: "The sequence of registration for the art fair", "General Rules", "The cost of participation in the art fair"

The fair program of the Russian Art Week is open to galleries, creative teams and individual authors from any region of the Russian Federation, as well as from any country in the world.  

XXXII International Exhibition & Competition of Modern and Contemporary art "Russian Art Week" (season "2022-autumn")

Application deadline: November 4, 2022 inclusive

Exhibition work: October 11-16, 2022 (11.00-20.00)
Exhibition address: Congress and Exhibition Complex "Amber Plaza" (Moscow, Krasnoproletarskaya st., 36)


The exhibition invites a wide audience of visitors with a genuine passion for art, from serious collectors to those who buy their first original work. Comfortable conditions for viewing art objects, their evaluation and conclusion of contracts with the authors are created for visitors. The uniqueness and exclusivity of the exhibition works will be a discovery for a wide audience of art lovers and connoisseurs.

Sections of the exhibition-fair:

1) Painting
2) Graphic
3) Sculpture
4) Graphic and communicative design
5) Video art and digital art
6) Textiles, arts & crafts
7) Equipment and materials for artists
Categories of participants of the exhibition-fair:

a) individual authors and creative teams;
b) organizations-galleries and studios;
c) educational institutions and organizations;
d) commercial firms-producers and distributors of goods for the needs of artists, sculptors, designers, decorators, restorers.

Stands for exposition:
There are two types of standard building-stand and wall
а) stand-includes three white walls with profiles
b) wall-includes one white wall plane (1 meter)
c) free space (without building) - it is possible to install a table

Exposition wall height: 2,5 m

Equipment on the stand: table, chair, lighting spots (1 per 1 sqm). If necessary, the Exhibitor can book additional equipment (racks, carpet, cubes, stands, etc.).

Form of participation:

Full-time Participation: the Exhibitor is on the stand during the whole period of the exhibition. On the stand can be exhibited originals, giclee or copies of copyright works in the original size.
Part-time Participation: the Exhibitor instructs the organizing Committee to select an administrator who controls the exposition of the stand and negotiates with potential buyers.

Technical regulation:

The Exhibitor is responsible for generating the exposure of his stand. If necessary, the organizing Committee is ready to provide hangers and movers for an additional fee.

Exhibited art objects must contain:
а) Label (preferably in the lower right corner, on the front side);
b) All art objects should be hung on the walls or placed on a pedestal;
c) Planar art objects must have fasteners, hooks, grommets or nails;
d) Volumetric work should have a stand and a device to prevent it from filling up;
e) During the exhibition, the Exhibitor can organize special events in order to attract an audience, as well as participate in a parallel program (Art Forum, Art Ring, Master classes), pre-registered their participation.

The exhibition-fair "Russian art Week" will feature galleries and individual authors from different regions. A wide variety of colors, shapes and traditions will allow visitors to plunge into the endless world of talent and inspiration and get acquainted with the exclusive works of domestic and foreign masters. Russian Art Week works in close cooperation with a number of foreign organizations, providing creative saturation of the exhibition and opening new opportunities for partnership, sponsorship and branding.

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