Program of the Competitions of the Russian Art Week
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Program of the Competitions of the Russian Art Week

Program of the Competitions of the Russian Art Week

Additional information: "Registration sequence for the contest""Nominations", "Competition Entry Fee", "General regulations"


Registration deadline: till October 22, 2019 (inclusive)

Dates: November 1 - 6, 2019 (11.00-20.00)
Address: Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center (Moscow, 5th Ray Prosek, 7, metro station Sokolniki).
Theme of the Russian Art Week of the season " 2019-spring": "Art in an era of change"

Ways of participation:

  1. IN PERSON (Full-time) (works are brought by the author to the exhibition, on the day of the exposition);
  2. DISTANTLY (works are sent by mail to the organizing Committee before the exhibition)
  3. IN ABSENTIA (in the form of photocopies, the author sends files to the organizing Committee)

Pay attention:

а) Each of the following competitions is held as an independent project, has its own jury, which determines the winners.
b) The number of competitive works from one author-up to 10 works in one section 

1) International Painting Competition:

Includes sections:

  1. Tradition Art Competition
  2. Modern Art Competition
  3. Contemporary Art Competition
  4. Abstract Painting Competition
  5. Watercolor Competition
  6. Dry Pastels Competition
2) International Graphic Competition

Includes sections:

  1. Classic (academic) Graphic Competition
  2. Experimental Graphic Competition
  3. Book Graphic Competition

3) International Sculpture Competition

Includes sections:

  1. The contest easel (classical) sculpture
  2. The contest of monumental sculpture
  3. Competition of modern (experimental) sculpture
  4. Competition for sculpture reliefs and bas-reliefs
4) International competition of author's dolls and toys

Includes sections:

  1. Author's Dolls Competition
  2. Toys Competition

5) International Arts & Crafts Competition

Includes sections:

  1. Arts & Crafts Competition
  2. Decorative Painting Competition

6) International Art Textile Competition

Includes sections:

  1. Art Textile Competition
  2. Competition for non-woven textile materials

7) International Photography Competition

Includes sections:

  1. Art photography competition
  2. Contest reportage photography
  3. Travel photography competition
  4. Wedding photography competition
  5. Contest portrait photography

Each of these competitive programs is conducted as an independent project, in which the winners are determined, with its own jury.

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